20th June 2010 

Underfloor heating PEX pipes in the kitchen

27th June 2010 

Constructing the chimney in the Kitchen.

The new chimney starts to appear above the roof.



Plastering the kitchen walls on a very hot day.
Karen said that she would prefer the finish not to be too smooth and new looking, preferring an older, rustic appearance. No worries there I thought. I would go for the ultimate smooth finish and hey presto - rough and rustic!

Installing the kitchen units and routing the worktop.
We had brought the flatpacked kitchen units with us from the UK. Now it was jigsaw to see where the units would fit, and make alterations accordingly. The Bulgarian worktops are thinner that the UK equivalent.

The wood burning stove is installed and connected to the heating pipework.
We light our first fire in the new kitchen and test the chimney and heating system.

15th May 2011 

The vegetable patch is looking good especially since we have been using drip irrigation.



2nd June 2011 

Looks like we are going we are going to be podding a lot of peas this year ready for freezing



4th June 2011 

The grapes are looking good, not due to be picked till september October time



19th May 2012 

Strawberry picking



15th May 2013 

The chickens are providing us with a lot of amusement



5th June 2015 

A brillant year for the peach trees. You cant beat eating warm peaches straight from the trees